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In this paper we question the utility of this prescription on practical and theoretical grounds. We compare the nonexperimental estimates of the impacts to "true impact" estimates provided by a random-assignment design used to assess the effects of that intervention.

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We also make a pre-post comparison of individual experiences, examining a leaver's employment, earnings, and income during a calendar quarter of welfare receipt with these outcomes a year after leaving welfare. These estimates are of interest given the paucity of information about the effects of WIC on children, and the fact that children have the lowest participation rates of any categorically eligible WIC group.

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To the extent that comparisons are possible, our results appear consistent with many other studies of welfare leavers, although no other studies differentiate on an ECD basis.

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A more detailed analysis of WIC participation using state-level administrative data, SIPP, and the CPS suggests that WIC participation is not strongly correlated with state-level economic indicators such as poverty and unemployment rates.

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We use data from the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey to estimate reduced-form health production functions. New from our site and customer. These results provide valuable information on outcomes for welfare recipients as reform efforts have evolved.

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We use a sample of women from the Panel Study of Income Dynamics, to which we add information on state child support Pinka Chatterji, Sara Markowitz, Pinka Chatterji, Sara Markowitz, Pinka Chatterji, Sara Markowitz, JEL No.

IO This study uses data from the Children of the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth to test for evidence of a causal relationship between maternal alcohol use, marijuana use and cocaine use, and children’s behavior problems.

Pinka Chatterji, State University of New York-Albany. Xiangshi Liu, In this paper, we test whether the ACA dependent care provision is associated with young adults’ propensity to live with or near their parents.

Workers Compensation Research Institute.

Does the length of maternity leave affect maternal health?

David Neumark, University of California-Irvine. This research brief was adapted from "Child Support Enforcement and Domestic Violence Among Non-Cohabiting Couples" by Angela Fertig, Sara McLanahan and Irwin Garfinkel. To download a copy of the paper on which this brief was based.

ORIGINAL PAPER Effects of early maternal employment on maternal health and well-being Pinka Chatterji There has been little attention in the economics literature to the effects of early maternal employment on maternal outcomes; most prior research focuses on children’s outcomes.

A few recent studies estimate the effect of one aspect. Details about Pinka Chatterji. Workplace: Department of Economics, State University of New York-Albany (SUNY), (more information at EDIRC) Access statistics for papers by Pinka Chatterji.

Last updated NBER Working Papers, National Bureau of Economic Research, Inc ; Yue Li and Pinka Chatterji, University at Albany - SUNY The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was intended to broaden Medicaid eligibility to include most adults with incomes below % of the Federal Poverty Level by January

Pinka chatterji research paper
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