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The share price will also go up with the increase in the dividends received by shareholders.

Introduction Purpose of report This research is carried out to enable us have a better understanding on the financial statements and business direction of Padini Holdings Berhad.

Padini also lack of experiences toward the totally differences culture, geographically and other PEST factors countries like Hong Kong and Taiwan. High quality products along with high standard of designs are maintained by Padini through the payment of lump sum bonus as a motivation to employees if targeted sales were achieved.

From the serial number, Padini also can motivate the customers in the better way by offering them the lucky draw in every month to win the Padini products like belt, tee- shirt, vouchers and etc.

For example in the Iceberg model the brand with nothing below the waterline lacks depth and sustainability. Padini are concerned with international markets need to be aware of the variety market contemplations relevant to their operations. However, due to the fact that its growth rate in dividend is increasing annually, its share price is expected to increase in future periods.

Politic factors The legal system operating within a host country is an important environmental influence for international marketers.

Padini brand will become more popular. Moreover, through our research, we know that Padini is planning to expand its outlets over the next three to five years, especially in East Malaysia so as to create stronger brand awareness and become regionally-recognised fashion leaders.

Furthermore, we also learnt that Padini has not been issuing new shares over the past three years but only a share split. It is proven with the increase in earnings per share and subsequently, the wealth of shareholders. Fortunately Padini products are the simple ordinary consumer products.

Padini also can take this opportunity to develop their brand in consumers mind. Thus, the demand will very impressive if Padini fashion can really suit the taste of the Hongkee.

C Sources of fund utilized by Padini Equity Funding From the financial statement, we noticed that there is no issuance of new share by Padini for the past three years.

The countries that Padini recently built their brand identity are Singapore, Thailand and Brunei. Thus, Padini can take part in their fashion show. Besides, an analysis of the capital structure of the group shows that there is a lack of equity funding as compared to debt funding in the past three years while the group moves to a more conservative approach in managing its debts.

It will continue in upgrading the image of its products while emphasizing value and quality.

New brands and increased product diversity are key expansion policies. Besides, we also learnt that Padini has been adopting a conservative approach as their financing policy by using long term source of finance in primarily funding their current assets. In terms of the share price, it is noted that there is a significant decrease in share price of the group in year due to a share split involving subdivision of its existing shares to enhance its share liquidity.

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It is an obvious source of difference. Although the gearing ratio increases slightly, it meets the industry average ratio. Contracts for the supply and delivery of goods and services The registration and enforcement of trademarks, brand names, labelling Patents;Marketing communications;Pricing ;Product safety, acceptability and environmental issues Hong Kong is a free port and the financial hub in Asia.

Padini is less vulnerable to downturns in the business cycle and will not face the risk of going concern.

The group takes the full advantage of credit facilities by using the interest free loan to finance its daily operation and subsequently improve its performance. Debt Ratio As we can see from the analysis, the debt ratio of the company has increased slightly in these three years.

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It is because the Malaysian had influenced by Hong Kong culture through broadcast and media since we had our television. Hence, prices are set affordable for this segment of customers which will definitely attract their attentions.

To do the audit the first step should do by Padini is to benchmarking with their strategy group competitors. The primary way to account for NIKE.Padini Holdings Berhad is a Malaysia-based investment holding company that sells both mens’ and ladies’ shoes and accessories, garments, ancillary products, children’s garments, maternity wear and accessories where goods are exported mainly to Asian countries.

The failing of Padini Holding Berhad is the net income is unstable. The consumers passing the budget on garment are depending on the season. In Malaysia. the net income will be at the highest extremum where there is festival season like Chinese New Year or Hari Raya.

The weakness of Padini Holding Berhad is the profit is unstable.

The consumers spending the budget on garment are depending on the season. In Malaysia, the profit will be at the highest peak where there is festival season like Chinese New Year or Hari Raya.

PADINI HOLDING BERHAD COMPANY PROFILE Background of the company Padini is a Malaysian-domiciled investment-holding company headquartered /5(1). Padini Holdings Berhad is a Malaysia-based investment holding company. Padini has setup its operation in Malaysia’s apparel industry, manufacturing and trading.

Its product line includes garments for men, women and children; women shoes, maternity wear and fashion accessories for men, women and.

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PADINI HOLDING BERHAD COMPANY PROFILE Background of the company Padini is a Malaysian-domiciled investment-holding company headquartered .

Padini holding berhad essay
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