Observe children in the zoo

Thank you for supporting the Houston Zoo! Children can also observe size and relationships between animals.

Inspiring others

Special Bali Zoo souvenirs, such as photo frames, T-shirts, mugs, egg paintings and many other interesting handicrafts are available at the souvenir shop inside the zoo and at the restaurants. See the animals, see the animals, At the zoo, at the zoo.

San Diego Zoo

I know that at our zoo if you run into one of the keepers they are more than happy to answer the questions that you have about the animals and how they behave.

Your child can tape on a large craft stick for a handle or just hold the paper plate up to her face. From childhood, most of us have fond memories of going to the zoo. If you have a question regarding this event, please email events lpzoo. To make your visit even more exciting, book one of our special tours like Animals in Action, Inside Look, or Discovery Tour.

This one has a banana. Engage your child in learning about the various animal habitats with a scavenger hunt. Visitors are able to view unique animals through glass, and see how they might act in the wild.

Zoo On the Go

All little messes are cleaned up immediately. Talk with them about ways they can help from far away, including adopting an animal, connecting through social media, or donating a small amount of money.

Encourage your child to search for a wildlife conservation foundation online. There are so many new learning adventures waiting to be discovered there. Continue telling your story, stopping every once in a while for your child to turn over another animal card. All cafes are able to accept cash or credit; however, pop-up bars may be limited to cash only.

Observe Children in the Zoo

Help your child create their own picture book about their trip to the zoo using an online photo site or paper and colored pencils. Tasting, smelling, touching, hearing and seeing are all avenues through which a young child learns about her environment.

Who can I reach out to? Where do the animals come from? Will I see animals? There are no refunds for tickets purchased for special events at the zoo.Hours Open Wednesday through Sunday AM to PM (or dusk during winter months) for General Zoo Admission January through November (December hours below) Prescheduled Programs available daily.

Night at the Zoo

The Zoo may be closed in part or full due to the weather and other unforeseen circumstances and these schedules are subject. Writer-director Colin McIvor adapts the true-ish story of how a handful of citizens came to the rescue of a baby elephant into an unlikely family film, one that will delight the kids (who see.

For over years, Como Zoo and Marjorie McNeely Conservatory in St. Paul, Minnesota has charmed, educated and entertained millions of children and adults while fostering an appreciation of the natural world.

The Zoo is home to more than 1, mammals, birds, amphibians, and reptiles representing more than different species, of which more than 58 are endangered. In addition, the Zoo’s botanical collection comprises several planted gardens and over different plant species with approximately 7, individual plants.

As a regional contribution, we are supporting "Animal Supporter System," which was newly established by Oji Zoo of Kobe in Here we introduce this popular excursion spot with small children, focusing on the cuddly animals as well as the large animals and the recreational area in the zoo as recommended spots for families.

Taronga Zoo Ferry Package

Once your at the zoo, help your child go on an animal scavenger hunt with the list. Even better yet, have your child help you take pictures of all the animals he or she finds on the list.

After Your Zoo Trip: Print out pictures of all the animals your chid learned about and help them make a collage from the pictures.

Observe children in the zoo
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