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Explain if or how you plan to use any of the strategies that either your teachers used or that you believe Mrs. Add support from a scholarly source here to build credibility about the approach Ece 430 you believe is best. Why do you think these instructional strategies were successful?

ECE 430 Entire Course

Be sure your poster includes: A Bridge to the Classroom and Early Care. Choose two of the four assessments from your Week Four assignment to revise and include in your portfolio.

For this discussion, you will need to read the saying below and respond to the critical thinking prompts. Specifically, you will reflect on the connections you see between each case study and two to three topics from the Program Comprehensive Exam.

This will showcase who you are as an Educational Professional when you go to a job interview. The ePortfolio should address the material using college-level writing, critical thought, and APA formatting.

All aspects of the lesson, using the lesson plan template provided. For example, if you are assigned to the environment you might explain a bit about how the room is set up and why materials are presented as they are.

You will use the Lesson Plan Template to create your lesson. In addition, children will draw a picture of their favorite character from the book.

ECE 430 Week 1

Ford, the director of your center, has asked you to write her a letter in which you choose an approach to planning curriculum to use in your classroom.

Each week you will have the opportunity to use your journal to reflect upon the content you have learned in this course and throughout your degree program. For this discussion, you will be focusing on one of these topics based on the group to which you are assigned below. This assignment should be submitted as a two- to three-page document, not including the title and reference page.

An introductory paragraph that describes the physical environment of the classroom where the lesson will be taught.

Now you will have the chance to use what you have learned about planning instruction from the discussion forums and apply it to a new situation. The questions below may spark some ideas regarding learner development, learning differences, and application of content.

Ashland was asked to be part of a shared decision of assessment selection. Ashland to research and use in her classroom to help inform her decision: References Common Core Standards.

ECE 430 ECE430 Week 2 Discussion 2 Lesson Planning

In other words, your journal will grow with you each week as you grow professionally through your reflections. Your cover letter should be one page in length. Ask their favorite color. Ford identifies the following tools for Mrs.

In essence, the last twenty years my life has revolved around children. Please make sure that you are respectful to your peers when providing them feedback using the Lesson Plan Rubric and that your suggestions for any areas of improvement are positive and connected specifically to criteria listed within the rubric itself.

Remember that portfolios grow as you do, so you will be able to continue to add to and revise your portfolio even after this course is over. Honestly, I feel that meeting the standards is easy as long as the curriculum is age appropriate.

Ashland serves as a reflection of best practices in key early childhood areas for you to utilize as an example. Ashland and that Mrs.

Research different methods of continuing professional development.

ECE 430 Week 2 Complete

Ashland, her students, their parents, Mrs. Write a letter back to Mrs. Last Name M-Z Webbed Curriculum Using the sample webbed curriculum from the text on time as a guide, create an example of a lesson that could be taught within this unit using Template 4.

However, I now know that not only does it serve the purpose of relaying information, but opens a door to helping children succeed. Assume that you are Mrs.ECE Week 5 Final Project. This pack of ECE Week 5 Final Project comprises:Educational Professional PortfolioThroughout this course you have had the opportunity to observe Mrs.

Ashland, her students, their parents, Mrs. Ford, and Park Lane Early Childhood Education Center. Description. ECE Week 2 Complete, ECE Week 2 Assignment, WEEK 2 – ASSIGNMENT. Common Core or Early Learning Standards Lesson Plan. Throughout Week Two you have had the opportunity to plan instruction for the students in Mrs.

Ashland’s class. The Child, the Family and the Community, ECE or SOC Introduction to Elementary Teaching with Field Experience, ECE Culture and Diversity in Early Childhood Education, ECE Reggio Emilia's View the Child infographic from the text Examining the Reggio Emilia Approach For curriculum night Find this Pin and more on ECE by Stephanie Heald.

make an art piece with the kids and ask them what they think children are - Reggio Emilia's View the Child infographic from the text Examining the Reggio Emilia Approach. ECE Week 2 Discussion 2 Lesson Planning.

While Mrs.

ECE 430 Entire Course

Ford usually allows you to choose the lesson plan format you would like to use, this week she has asked you to use a specific one. Using the sample lesson plans and templates shared in Chapter 4 as a guideline and the group you are assigned to below you will create a curriculum plan.

Chapter 1 of our textbook, A bridge to the classroom and early care: ECE capstone, discusses seven developmentally appropriate practice topics.

Ece 430
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